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More Keys to Your Existing Lock


The price is for the first key to your code.  (it costs more because I have to create the key from computer records)

Best if you read the notes below as you would not want to pay this higher price for each of all your additional key needs

Always ring me if you are unsure.   (Express post is used in every instance so next day service is usual)


In stock


Many people already have a lock but want more keys.

If you want more keys then order this item first, which is to create a first key from records.

REMEMBER- I will need your key number- put this number in the notes or I will need to ring you

Most Energex keys fall in the range of 0001 to 60,000  (five numbers)    or     100001 to 120,000 (6 numbers)

{some less common ones will have letter prefix    eg T1234}

ALSO I can cut keys for the older SEQEB system that preceded the Energex system (Meter readers still carry master keys for those older locks) These are in the code series M0001 to M60,000. These are the same price as Energex Keys and can be ordered using this item.

Then for the second or more keys then click here

If this is all too confusing then ring me 07 5447 0100   Eric      (payments are processed manually so if you make a mistake I will sort it out before taking payment)



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