Double Padlock – Energex 1 Side Only & 1 Key

$165.00 inc GST

Energex Double Padlock:


  • Dual option padlock – Energex Key System on one side and standard key system on the other.
  • Leave as standard key system or have install a restricted cylinder to match existing key system.

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Energex Double Padlock:


  • x2 Stainless Steel Shackle and double ball bearing locking padlock, one side on Energex Key System and one side on a standard key (leave as standard or install a restricted cylinder).
  • If more keys are required… Get More Keys Here!
  • Provides easy access for meter readers or servicemen in Energex Area of Supply – Am I located in Energex Area of Supply?
  • Suitable for residential and commercial situations.


* Please see our full range of Energex Lock & Keys to assess if it is applicable to your situation.
** Ring (07) 5447 0100 before 11am for assistance or email anytime

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