Flat Clasp

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Flat Clasp

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Introducing a new product from Crocodile Lock- the Flat Clasp  made in 304 stainless steel (includes strengthening back plate)

Application for steel double doors on electrical cabinets and switchboards where there is an identified risk of unauthorised access to such as high voltage and other considerations such as vandalism and sabotage. Designed specifically for Electric Utilities use there are some other uses too.

Where there are attacks on high security cylinders which are quite expensive. The Flat Clasp can be fitted below a 201 type cylinder so as to cover the key way and confine the attack to the sacrificial padlock and Clasp.

The Flat Clasp comes standard with a threaded backing plate. This plate is also available as an accessory to improve the security of the standard Crocodile Clasp. Note : the Flat Clasp is attached to the fixed door of the pair