Meter Box Clasp Kit: includes Clasp, Padlock & 2 Keys (typically for NON ENERGEX Access)

$129.80 inc GST

Meter Box Locking Kit     – Stop interference to your meter box

Padlock and Clasp together as a package with easy instructions- For NON ENERGEX use

Clasp is manufactured in  304 Stainless steel

If your box has only a small lever on the left hand side with no place to add a padlock- see pic- The Meter Box Locking Kit fits these and other similar boxes

Padlock has TWO keys  (if you need more keys then there is an ‘Add a Key’   you can add to your cart)

All keys will be embossed with ‘Energex’ but WILL NOT allow access by various State’s meter locking systems. If you have a SMART METER then they do NOT need access. You can order more keys by the number stamped on both the lock and keys.

Also available as an optional extra is an internal Strengthening Plate– (just add to your cart)

(see detailed notes)

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Sometimes your meter box will not have a lock tab (a place to snap on a padlock). The Meter Box Kit comes with a padlock and a Crocodile Lock Clasp with installation instructions. It is easy-just needs a measuring stick and a battery drill with a screwdriver bit. Takes a couple of minutes to fit. An installation picture is included.

Padlock supplied is high quality with 2 keys- You can use this Kit perhaps when you have a SMART METER and you DON’T want or need to give your meter reader or power company access to your meter

If you need to give your meter reader access you will need to obtain the appropriate padlock issued for your State.  (Energex is South East Qld metering only)

Many meter boxes are the Clipsal brand that have a small lever on the LEFT hand side- see pic- The Meter Box Kit fits these and other similar boxes

Stainless steel Shackle- double ball locking quality padlock with the blue band will be supplied

Photos show Clasp and padlock attached to a standard Clipsal Meter box  (BR brand is the same size)

Ring 07 5447 0100 for assistance if required



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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 60 × 290 × 235 mm

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