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Pink’s Electric Pick Gun

$299.00 plus GST

  • The revolutionary Pink’s EPG.
  • Unbelievable power and lithium battery.
  • Incredibly comfortable handling.
  • Extremely lightweight for its size and mechanism.

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Following on from the revolutionary Pink’s EPG, the original EPG has been re-developed to overcome some of the issues faced by the inexperienced locksmith as well as to ease the work of experienced locksmiths.

The Pink´s EPG bounces all of the pins up and down equally. Along with correct tensioning, the pins will find their heights and open. This is a much faster process than hand picking which uses power over skill.

The same sleek signature design and unique features can be seen on the Pink’s EPG2. Extremely lightweight for its size and mechanism, the Pink’s EPG2 allows for incredibly comfortable handling and ease of use, which you would never have guessed considering the unbelievable power and lithium battery source.

The Pink’s EPG2 is powered by the same lithium power source as the original Pink’s EPG, which after much testing, was found on average to last for 90 uses before needing to be recharged*. The unique lithium power enables a long lasting battery life that doesn’t drain when the tool is not being used. This saves time, energy and money for the user as just like the original Pink’s EPG, the Pink’s EPG2 doesn’t have to be charged before each use, enabling you to go from job to job without worrying about charging your pickgun. And when you do need to recharge the Pink’s EPG2, there is the brand new charging plug!

The Pink’s EPG2 also features a new and improved top cap and end cap, a thicker head and a bigger locking nut. The screw on the motor bearing is now an Allen key and the motor bearing is hardened to increase durability and toughness, whereas the enhanced head bearing gives smoother action. The button on the Pink’s EPG2 has been modified to overcome and defeat all kinds of button damage and failure. All fixings are secure and lock tight to prevent any bolts vibrating loose

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